I just got done spending a few minutes reading this and wanting to swallow a folded Frisbee (thank you, Robert Hamburger, for this inspiration). This is the whole reason for things like the Civil War, the NRA and every other dividing (and divining) line between those in favor of big brother and those not.

No one wants the “man” looking over their shoulder and telling them what they can and cannot do, but plenty of people want the man to look over someone else’s shoulder. In essence, they don’t want to have to say no to salty foods, but rather have a policy dictating whether or not someone else can manufacture those foods. BS. Grow up.  There are porn shops that you may or may not visit, liquor stores to buy alcohol if you want and, dare I include this, car dealerships that sell SUVs! In reverse order, SUVs consume way too much fossil fuel, pollute the air and kill us all eventually. Litigation needed! Liquor? Please. Look at the stats of drunken driver accidents or frat boys being killed by hazing rituals. Let’s have a law against it. And porn…how many people have killed themselves after watching 2 girls 1 cup or accidentally strangled themselves while imitating some auto-asphyxiation erotica? (Actually, I have no clue on this last one and I welcome anyone who has died from this to write me.) Enh, outlaw it just in case.

So, do we really need to have a law that mandates food manufacturers to lower their sodium levels by 10 – 20%? I don’t care if it makes a difference in the taste…they have the right to make food in the manner they want to make it. You have the right to boycott it. It’s a beautiful system of choices that every living being gets to make for him/herself.  So, do it and stop asking the “man” to make decisions for you, only to complain about it later.