StarCraft 2 is upon us!

July 27, 2010

That’s right, folks: StarCraft 2 launched today. This is the one and only time I will advise you to stop reading my blog and get thee to a video game retailer, be it online or brick & mortar. I will soon see you on the field of battle.

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A Touch of Marketing

January 27, 2010

So, I would be remiss to not cross-reference my other blog that is currently taking up most of my free time: The All-in-One Gamer Project is a few weeks underway and I’m feeling pretty good about it so far. In essence, I’m trying to familiarize myself with all aspects necessary to lead an independent game development team. So, for the thousands and thousands of you who are fans of this blog (am I rounding up too high?), jump on over and subscribe, comment and be merry!

…and speaking of Games

September 24, 2009

I’m sitting here at my desk eating some Ketchup chips (thanks Dyana and Canada!), reading a bit of gaming news on Kotaku, when I decide that a carbonated beverage would hit the spot. Lucky for me, I have a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper at my desk (courtesy of the IGDA Writing SIG’s Leanne Taylor – Ooo, I need to blog about Austin GDC last week, don’t I?) and I reach for one. The others roll down to take its place (I could see through the handle hole) and it took me back to my skeeball days as a kid.

OVER THE LINE! Donny, mark it zero.

OVER THE LINE! Donnie, mark it zero.

Remember throwing the wooden balls up the lane without so much as a glance┬áto see if you were scoring points? I was always fascinated by the remainder of my wooden ammo rolling down my way. And there was often a window to see the remainder of your shots. Sad was the time when I would come to the last wooden sphere. I would try to make it really count and either granny-throw it into another lane or try to put some sort of strange spin on it that resulted in a 12 mph roll that would just crest the lip up to the scoring area and fall in the “gutter”. Tragic. At least until I would drop the next token in and see a new full rack of opportunities roll my way.

Do you have any fond/funny childhood memories of gaming? I wouldn’t mind compiling a little list of “I remember when”s.

Try it…I got addicted.

January 16, 2009

Yes, it has been quite some time since I’ve last posted. But it’s a new year and things are already taking off. A seperate post will address these items, but for now, try this out. I got one of the endings, bumped it up to experienced and now am frustrated because fish keep nibbling my lures to death!

Click to play Fishing Girl

Here I go again on my own

February 5, 2008

It’s frustrating when you know where you want to go, but the entire world seems like one big roadblock. And that is where I am currently. This blog is supposed to be forming some cohesion and direction, but it’s all pointing to me whining about not having the job and career that I want. Get in line, right? But I’m not saying I want to be a porn star or Eli Manning…I want a job in the video game industry. I want to talk to someone who is hiring and ask, “What do I need to do to make myself someone you want to hire?” I am more than willing to put in the┬áhard work to acquire the necessary skills, but I need some sort of compass to tell me which way to steer the ship. Right now, I am grape-shotting by going after a little modeling, a little programming, a lot of concepts and a little art. I know I need to focus my talents, but everything I read says they’re looking for someone who has some knowledge in every aspect.

Beat down. That’s how to describe the current mood. And I really don’t want this to become a journal. Though I’d love to make this a private entry, I am posting it public. Hopefully someone reads this and can offer some incredible insight on how to get out of my current slump, aim in one direction and achieve. I can only assume this insight would come from someone who has been in this same position…after all, isn’t that the definition?