I just got done spending a few minutes reading this and wanting to swallow a folded Frisbee (thank you, Robert Hamburger, for this inspiration). This is the whole reason for things like the Civil War, the NRA and every other dividing (and divining) line between those in favor of big brother and those not.

No one wants the “man” looking over their shoulder and telling them what they can and cannot do, but plenty of people want the man to look over someone else’s shoulder. In essence, they don’t want to have to say no to salty foods, but rather have a policy dictating whether or not someone else can manufacture those foods. BS. Grow up.  There are porn shops that you may or may not visit, liquor stores to buy alcohol if you want and, dare I include this, car dealerships that sell SUVs! In reverse order, SUVs consume way too much fossil fuel, pollute the air and kill us all eventually. Litigation needed! Liquor? Please. Look at the stats of drunken driver accidents or frat boys being killed by hazing rituals. Let’s have a law against it. And porn…how many people have killed themselves after watching 2 girls 1 cup or accidentally strangled themselves while imitating some auto-asphyxiation erotica? (Actually, I have no clue on this last one and I welcome anyone who has died from this to write me.) Enh, outlaw it just in case.

So, do we really need to have a law that mandates food manufacturers to lower their sodium levels by 10 – 20%? I don’t care if it makes a difference in the taste…they have the right to make food in the manner they want to make it. You have the right to boycott it. It’s a beautiful system of choices that every living being gets to make for him/herself.  So, do it and stop asking the “man” to make decisions for you, only to complain about it later.

Shadow Priest lf healer

February 10, 2008

I write today in the cocoon of boredom and pain. The weather yesterday was one of late spring (or as we Texans like to call winter) and the desire to get outside and enjoy a little of it was at an all time high. So, joining with the likes of my cousin, Pam and Brandi, I set out to ride mountain bikes (after all, it cost me enough…might as well use it). As my cousin Mike recently had his knee scoped, we all had it in our minds to take it easy and just ride some winding trails through the woods. Unfortunately, these trails whereabouts were difficult to find and we ended up going down a pretty steep hill to cross a creek.

This proved to be no big deal for 3/4 of our two-wheeled squadron, but while crossing the stream and dodging an inordinate amount of trail hikers and dogs, I heard Brandi scream in fear behind me. Knowing she was probably just scared of going down hill, I completed my water-crossing just in time to hear the infamous sounds of a bike wreck. I hopped off of my Raleigh Mojave 8.0 to see what damage Brandi was in and found her more embarrassed than hurt. She had nicked her elbow pretty good and she now has a pretty wicked bruise and scratch on her hip along with overall soreness.

Not to be outdone, I found a trail 15 minutes later that proved to be my undoing. Cruising downhill over rough terrain at 30 mph or more is what the sport is all about, right? I was loving it until I saw an oddly placed hump in the trail a mere two feet in front. Upon hitting it, I was immediately airborne and frightened. Had I maintained my wits about me, I would have pulled up on the bars and braced myself for a hard landing, but instead, I lifted myself behind the seat. When the bike hit the ground, it kept rolling. My feet came out of the toe clips (I know, I should go clipless, but I don’t think it would have changed things here) my hands held on for a bit longer – just long enough to stretch me out and cause my weak right shoulder to pop out of socket. I hit the ground and slid about 5 feet over white rocks and dirt…just enough to embed the stuff in my skin.

Rolling over, I popped my arm back in place and began the long rant of cursing. Luckily, the earlier-bruised Brandi rushed to my side and helped me up, where I began walking and continuing my free-flow of unpleasantries. Mike, Pam and Brandi helped me get my bike all the way to car (opposite side of park) and Brandi took me home. The cleaning process involved hydrogen peroxide, scrubbing and biting a towel.


Today, my wounds are bandaged, my shoulder is almost unmovable and this blog is the extent of my energy. Thanks for reading and happy riding.

Here I go again on my own

February 5, 2008

It’s frustrating when you know where you want to go, but the entire world seems like one big roadblock. And that is where I am currently. This blog is supposed to be forming some cohesion and direction, but it’s all pointing to me whining about not having the job and career that I want. Get in line, right? But I’m not saying I want to be a porn star or Eli Manning…I want a job in the video game industry. I want to talk to someone who is hiring and ask, “What do I need to do to make myself someone you want to hire?” I am more than willing to put in the hard work to acquire the necessary skills, but I need some sort of compass to tell me which way to steer the ship. Right now, I am grape-shotting by going after a little modeling, a little programming, a lot of concepts and a little art. I know I need to focus my talents, but everything I read says they’re looking for someone who has some knowledge in every aspect.

Beat down. That’s how to describe the current mood. And I really don’t want this to become a journal. Though I’d love to make this a private entry, I am posting it public. Hopefully someone reads this and can offer some incredible insight on how to get out of my current slump, aim in one direction and achieve. I can only assume this insight would come from someone who has been in this same position…after all, isn’t that the definition?