Just Before GDC

March 24, 2009

The title might be a little innaccurate, as technically this is the 2nd day of GDC 09, but I am heading to San Francisco tonight, so, the title works. Moving on.

I’m writing partially because I have failed to do so in a month and partially (or I’d like to think mostly) because I read two interesting articles on Kotaku just now: one made me mad, one made me happy.

Starting with what made me mad (so I can have a happy ending 😉 ), Apple: please do not do this. It only takes a moment to see what will happen here. Indie developers with little capital to create their games put out their product and yes, maybe it’s not great, but maybe they make a little coin off it and their next title is a hit. If they end up getting smacked down with returns, they could very easily go in debt repaying consumers and then the creative flow stops. Meanwhile, larger companies who can afford to take the hit will continue producing the same drivel they’ve always put out there and consumers will buy it out of sheer lack of options. The iPhone has been wonderful for the indie development scene. It would be a shame to have a major drop off now.

The second article makes me happy because I own a PS3. For the longest time, I’ve listened to friends talk about how great their exclusive XBox titles are and have been saddened a bit on the inside that a powerhouse like Sony hasn’t grasped the concept that devoted fans of their system need games to play. I appreciate the Blu-Ray player (though I’ve had to replace mine twice), but I wanted a gaming console, not a glorified DVD player. Finally, with a lower price on the dev kit and easier-to-use tools, hopefully 2010 will be the year of the PS3’s domination!

Check back soon as I will be covering my first GDC 09 experience with pictures, audio and whatnot! If you’re lucky, I’ll double the whatnot. 😉

All in Good Time ;)

January 25, 2009

Here we are, folks. 2009. The last week of the first month and the first true blog entry. Let’s get started.

The company giving me a chance!

The company giving me a chance!

On January 1, I accepted the role of Creative Writer/Story Designer for Tandem Games.

I’m officially a game writer!!!

The entire goal of this blog was to journal the process of becoming a game writer – I know I never officially stated that – but now that it has happened, I don’t want to quit. Actually, time considered, I want to start again and not quit. 😉

Technically, I am the creative writer for Domain Of Heroes which is the second released title for Tandem Games, but since I am working on story for another Tandem project, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that my brain’s ideas continue to be enjoyed by the founder. If you get a chance, I strongly urge you to check out DoH, as it is an MMO that can be played at work! Feel free to leave me feedback here or on the game’s forum.

As part of this News Package de Awesomeness, I will be attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco at the end of March, so if you’re going to be there, leave me a message and lets try to meet.

Here's to success in all things, in all aspects of life in 2009!

Here's to success in all things, in all aspects of life in 2009!

Oh, and a quick shout-out to my best friend, Meredith! Happy Birthday!