Just a Quickie

February 20, 2009

Not to sound too much like I’m justifying the fortnight since my last post, but I’ve been working a lot on trying to craft the newest expansion of quest lines for www.DomainofHeroes.com. We’re having an overhaul of gear and tying in lore pieces, so the work is a bit extensive. Along with that, I’ve been grinding out character bios and thinking of story lines for a casual game we (www.TandemGames.com) hope to release in May. All that to say that though I’ve been less than diligent with my blog posts, I have been writing…which is the goal, right? Oh, and that reminds me! My newest Smallville blog should be up by noon today.

As for actual gaming, I’ve been sneaking a few hours of RockBand 2 (PS3) in whenever possible. The truth is, I have very little actual musical ability (although I’ve been applauded for my karaoke skillz) and this is even more apparent on RockBand. I’m addicted to drumming on those plastic/rubber pads, but as of now, I’m a Medium drummer at best. The song that will probably be the death of me is Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups. I can 95% it on Medium, but I step up to Hard and the syncopated notes jump out of the screen with billy clubs and beat me into submission. Here’s to you, real-life drummers. You deserve the women! 🙂

Drew as The Real Slim Shady

Drew as The Real Slim Shady

4 Responses to “Just a Quickie”

  1. Chad said

    Man, great photo but it fails to capture the mad hoes that came up on to the stage at the sound of your voice.

  2. Mike said

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  3. Roddy said

    There were mad hoes? Why were they angry? Did Drew say things about their mamas? Again?

  4. MichelleCheri said

    Okay, so I decide to care about your personal life to read your personal blog, and your last post was nearly a month ago. Drew, Drew, Drew. What am I going to do with you? It’s not like you’re busy writing other things. Entertain me!

    I previously deemed Guitar Hero World Tour > Rock Band, but if Rock Band 2 comes with shiny songs like Lazy Eye, I might have to rethink my position. I currently have 8 different remixes of that song in my iTunes Library. I kind of like Silversun Pickups. Master that song on Hard, and you, too, will deserve the women. Or at least the mad hoes.

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