Another Chance to Hear Me (yay!)

February 4, 2009

That’s right, for all you audio lovers, the silky sounds of me are on Cryptic Allusion’s Anniversary Cryptocast. Be forewarned, it’s long and I’m only in it for about 15 – 20 minutes somewhere in the middle, but the guys and gal at Cryptic Allusion are great and worth listening to.

"That's right, I said a PODCAST. They'll be huge one day!"

"That's right, I said a PODCAST. They'll be huge one day!"

For those interested, I pretty much plug Tandem Games and Domain of Heroes and talk about recent games I’ve been playing. I’ve been considering adding a small 5 – 10 minute podcast to this blog maybe twice a month. Do you think it’s worth it? Post a comment and let me know (yes, that means you).


3 Responses to “Another Chance to Hear Me (yay!)”

  1. Aaron Murray said

    I think it’s worth it 😉

  2. Roddy said

    But…but…if YOU post a podcast, who’ll listen to US? ^_^

  3. drewmcgee said

    That’s Aaron Murray, ladies and gentlemen. The founder of Tandem Games (audience wildly applauds).

    And Roddy, my dear friend, I would never steal your followers. Only borrow them for a short period of time (read the part about 5 – 10 minutes). 😉

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