Bioshock (PC) – A Premature Review

July 19, 2008

OMG! I don’t have just a whole lot to say about this game as I’ve only just killed my first two Big Daddies, but, man. This. Game. Scares me. 

Big Daddy from 2K's Bioshock

Big Daddy from 2K's Bioshock

Maybe scare isn’t the right word, but I feel like I need to be on speed to play this game. Maybe setting the difficulty on high the first time through was a mistake, but all the noises and people talking has me on the edge of my seat and my mouse zigging this way and that, trying to keep a constant 360 degrees on my screen. I feel like a steak walking through a lion’s den.

Kudos so far to 2K for a game that is being rightfully touted as an artistic breakthrough for the games medium. Though I’m cowering while playing, the music and cityscape are brilliant. Sound engineers, you’ve taken the spotlight on this one for the simplistic terror you’ve brought by making every small piece of refuse echo loudly in the levels. Nothing makes someone cringe like noise when silence would be the best bet.

I’ll have a full review when I’m done, though I don’t know how soon that will be. I can only take the stress for about thirty minutes at a time.

One Response to “Bioshock (PC) – A Premature Review”

  1. Alex said

    yes i completely agree, just wait untill you play the second bioshock….

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