“Second star to the right and straight on til morning.”

January 16, 2008

After reading this article about blogging, I have decided to give my blog a direction, a purpose, a very reason for being. I was all ready to sit here and tell you, the reader, on what journey you will be accompanying me, when I actually pulled up my blog, looked at the infamous cursor blinking at me and thought, “Crap. I got nuthin’.”

Deciding not to give up so easily, I began looking around at other blogs – Top Blogs, in fact – to see what direction others have chosen. After all, If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. I had one interest in mind: this pesky bit about wanting to break into the as-of-yet, impenetrable fortress of the video game industry. Scrolling down the list of Top Blogs, I find this gem. More precisely, this. I actually got pulled into reading 31 different people talking about why or how a Star Trek MMO can/cannot be made.

I trolled through a few more of the entries with the slightest upturn in the corners of my mouth, amazed (yet again) at the insanity of some of the things on the Internet. I then looked at the clock and saw that almost an hour had passed and I was nowhere close to having a purpose, a goal, or even a whiff of direction for my blog.

For those that need direction, I have failed you yet again. But fear not! I am on the trail of purpose like a bloodhound on the trail of something bloody. For those that are interested in seeing where this thing can lead, please, read on. Oh! And feel free to write some encouraging/directional comments that could assist.

 Till next time.

3 Responses to ““Second star to the right and straight on til morning.””

  1. =j said

    The quote “Second start to the right” originates from Peter Pan, not Star Trek VI.

  2. drewmcgee said

    Thank you, =j (if that is your real name). Though I’m not sure where I mentioned Star Trek VI in particular, or claimed to be quoting from ST at all, your comment has indeed provided encouragment and direction. I dub thee a friend and you can call me…Tim?

  3. BD said

    Why don’t you write about your adventure in dove hunting and think about going again around the first of Oct with me and Ben and Mr. Mike somewhere south of SA. OK ESSAY

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